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About Us

Frontmatec Accles & Shelvoke manufactures precision engineered captive bolt stunners, spare parts and cartridges.

About Us

For over 100 years, Accles & Shelvoke have led the captive bolt stunning industry. Our success is built on innovative engineering solutions, rigorous performance testing, investment in new products and the assurance of the most reliable stunning tools in the world.

Accles & Shelvoke launched the CASH® Special captive bolt stunning tool in 1913. It was developed to safely and effectively induce unconsciousness in animals prior to slaughtering and processing. Existing stunning techniques at the time were crude, inhumane and dangerous and simply relied on striking the animal. The new tool delivered a much more reliable and consistent stun by using blank cartridges to fire a metal bolt through the skull and into the cerebrum. This caused immediate unconsciousness due to brain trauma, increased intracranial pressure and the percussive impact of the bolt. This stunning technique vastly reduced pain and suffering, improved processing times and enhanced safety for abattoir personnel.

The CASH® Special tool is still in use today; it is the world’s most popular pistol shaped captive bolt stunner. It is part of a range which now includes cylindrical designs, concussion heads, retracting and free flight bolts, contact fire or trigger fire options and a choice of calibres. Together they comprise the most effective, portable and dependable stunners on sale today.

The Accles & Shelvoke range also includes tools developed for the electrical industry. The ACVOKE® Cable Spiker uses our stunning tool technology to provide a safe working environment for people working on high voltage electric power cables. The tool is clamped to the cable and when fired forces a metal spike through the outer casing and into the wire core. This ensures that the cable is dead and safe to work on.

Originally launched in 1952, there are now three models in the range – the original ACVOKE® Cable Spiker, the ACVOKE® Mini Cable Spiker and the ACVOKE® Heavy Duty Cable Spiker – each fulfilling a specific role, and all highly regarded as the safest and most effective tools available.